CEO, Returning Officer hold meetings with political parties for peaceful polls

Shillong, Apr 12: Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) BDR Tiwari and Returning Officer for Shillong seat SC Sadhu held separate meetings on Friday with the political parties to ensure peaceful campaigns in the state.

Speaking to reporters, Tiwari  observed that recent incidents are not common to the political scenario in Meghalaya and assured that the Election Commission is committed to ensure free, fair and peaceful conduct of the elections to the Lok Sabha.


Over 400 polling stations have been identified as critical and vulnerable across the two parliamentary constituencies – Shillong and Tura.

Tiwari said there were several concerns expressed by the representatives of different political parties.

“We have heard all about the different concerns and worries in the present scenario and we requested them for their full cooperation and all of them have assured us that they will try their best to maintain peace and harmony besides extending full cooperation with the law enforcement agencies in the state,” he said.

Sadhu, while addressing the meeting, requested the leaders of political parties  to maintain  law and order. Meghalaya is a peaceful state and in every election we saw that it went on well without any problems, he added.

He urged all the political parties to request their supporters not to create problem in the public meeting of others. He also advised them not to spread fake news or messages without verifying them.

Chief Secretary DP Wahlang and DGP LR Bishnoi also held meetings to discuss the law and order situation in the state so that there is peaceful conduct of Lok Sabha polls.

HITO wants focus on issues 

The Hynniewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization (HITO) has asked political parties to refrain from blaming each other but to highlight the issues affecting the state during their respective campaigning for the  April 19 polls.

“Since the beginning of the election campaign, we have not seen a single candidate, who has spoken about issues related to the state but we only see that they are indulging in mudslinging and blame games. This has created a lot of confusion among the youth,” chairman of the HITO students wing, Iajanlang Sohtun said in a statement on Friday.

“Therefore, we urge all political parties to refrain from indulging in blame games but to speak on issues that are concerning the state in order to unite the people of Bri U Hynniewtrep instead of dividing them,” he said.

The HITO students’ wing also asked he people to avoid making disrespectful comments on social media.

“We again urge the political parties to control their supporters, to avoid any untoward incidents. We will also file a complaint against anybody who is taking advantage of the situations,” he added.

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