Assam-Meghalaya NGOs await action on three murders

Shillong, Apr 21: The All Assam Minority Students Union, along with several other organisations including AAYF, AIJIF, GSMC,AYWO,ADE, PJAC,AHAM,FAF, AYWS, MOTHERS UNION and GSU, convened a meeting at Dudhnoi IB to address theĀ  murder of three individuals from Assam. Both sides have unanimously agreed to await the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

The meeting urged everyone to refrain from circulating videos, statements, and comments related to the incident. Such actions can only exacerbate tensions and hinder the search for truth and justice,they said.


The victims were individuals with pending criminal cases against them in Assam. However, irrespective of their past actions, the loss of their lives is still a tragedy that warrants condemnation, the NGOs said.

“The ethnicity or community affiliation of the perpetrators should not overshadow the pursuit of justice. Let us allow the law enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough investigation and ensure that those responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law”, the meeting said.

According to the pressure groups, people must resist the urge to turn this tragedy into a communal issue.

“Blocking roads or inciting communal tensions will only hinder the investigative process and delay justice. Let us remain united in our call for a fair and impartial investigation.We would like to urge everyone to exercise restraint and let the investigation proceed unhindered. Let us not rush to judgment or spread misinformation. Instead, let us come together as a community to support the pursuit of truth and justice for all involved”, they added.

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