AT Mondal for electrification of all villages by 2028

Shillong June 24: Power Minister AT Mondal has said the department will ensure all villages are brought under electrification before 2028.

“We are on the job and we will try to see that all these un-electrified villages will be brought under electrification,” Mondal told reporters on Monday.


The power minister met a delegation led by Congress legislator from Mawhati Charles Marngar, who sought his intervention on irregular power supply to many villages as well as electrification of villages under the constituency.

“We will try to see that these villages are also brought under electrification,”  Mondal said.

The minister said the department had surveyed the entire state but there are a few villages, which are yet to be included in the list of un-electrified villages.

“This is because there are many villages, which have just come out newly and expansion of villages are there, so these issues are continuous issues, it is not that it is pending for a quite long time. A village that has been electrified then because of the expansion of the village, there is a requirement of electricity also into those households which are constructed newly. So we are taking care of that issue also so that no households are left out,” the minister said.

Marngar highlighted the problems faced by villages under Mawhati, Sonidan, Umtrai and Umsiang due to irregular power supply.

“Some of the villages need urgent electrification as electricity poles, cables were already set up in 2018-19 under DDUGJY-I and now de-electrified due to faulty lines. Such villages are Makdoh, Muska, Amjong, Markhangduba, Amdubighat, Amphreng and Nongthymmai Makdoh,” he said.

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