Attempted armed robbery at Delhi residence of Advocate General, cook killed, another injured

Shillong, June 27: Attempted armed robbery by goons at the Delhi residence of state Advocate General (AG) Amit Kumar has resulted in the death of his cook and injury to  office boy.

According to the AG, the incident took place on Monday night at his house at 2nd and 3rd floor, B 17 Jangpura Extension in New Delhi.


The AG, who is also a senior Advocate in Supreme Court, said for the last two days, he,  his daughter and wife were out of Delhi and his father, who is aged about 84 years, and his 23-year-old son were at home with his cook, office boy and caregiver of his father.

On Monday, around 8.30 pm, two criminals armed with gun and knife- one of them probably his former staff who was fired from service in May this year- sneaked into the  terrace and his office at 3rd floor. The cook  served food to his father and son around 8.45 pm. After serving food, he usually retires to the servant quarter at terrace but it was noticed around 9.30 pm that cook’s mobile phone was in kitchen at 2nd floor and things were not arranged. The AG’s son along with the caregiver, went to 3rd floor around 9.30 pm. The door was locked from inside. After he and the caregiver knocked the main door of the third floor, the door opened and as he peeped inside the office, he noticed a person of short stature pointing a gun at him. A tall person was also with him.

The son ran down but the two persons also ran after him after pushing the caregiver.

The son, who sustained mild sprain, rushed to the neighbour following which the security guard and others reached the third floor and found the office boy with stab-wound on the back and tied with chair at the chamber of the AG.

Though the injury was not serious, he was admitted to AIIMS.

The criminals tried to open the office safe but could not do so.

After police personnel were informed, they came on Monday night, inspected the place and lifted finger prints.

The cook was not traceable though the police searched the building and took video footage.

On Tuesday morning around 10.30, some of AG’s staff went to the servant’s room at the terrace and on opening a bed box, found the body of the cook who was probably killed by strangulation.

The AG’s father, his son and the caregiver were not harmed.

Police have identified the suspect and sent teams to arrest him.

The AG, who is back in Delhi, thanked the neighbours for standing with his family in one of the toughest times. “Our heart goes out to the family of my cook who was part of our family”, the AG said.

Image credit: Unsplash 

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