Bindo writes to CM on other options, says power lease last resort

Shillong, June 7: The chief adviser of UDP, Bindo Lanong, has asked Chief Minister Conrad Sangma to look for better options available as leasing out power distribution to Rural Electrification Corporation Power Distribution Company Limited (RECPDCL) should be the last option.

In a letter addressed to the chief minister, the UDP leader, while referring to the debate about government’s intention to lease out Shillong and Jowai Division to the RECPDCL, said the party had consultations among its leaders and with some other concerned community leaders of the society.


According to Lanong, the leasing out part of the department to a company, reflects not only the failure of the government, but also the risk factor that the government has to look into. This is a matter of serious worry and concern, he said.

“Be it 10,20 or 30 years lease, during such lease period, the company’s prerogative, privileges and rights will prevail over that of the government, which will not only affect government control over working and running of the department, but the financial, and other policies, employment aspect and control will be more in jeopardy, for the priority of the company will be to look first for its own interest and benefits, government is secondary, no matter, the conditions laid down in the lease agreement, which can always be adjusted and handled”, Lanong said.

The UDP leader suggested that the government may instead form its own expert committee with its own technocrats and experts whose past experience will be of worthy guidance for the government and increase for a few years, the budget provision for the power department and retain the government’s say and control during the entire period, which right the government will, however, be denied during the period of lease to the company.

“Your government may look for better options available, but lease should be the last option, to my opinion”, he said.

Lanong also extended cooperation and support in government’s endeavour to protect the interest of the state and its people.

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