BJP trying to create Manipur-like situation in Maharashtra: Patole

Mumbai, June 22 (UNI): Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) President Nana Patole on Thursday alleged that BJP has “hatched a devious plan” to create a Manipur-like situation in Maharashtra.

Manipur has been on the boil for over one and a half months due to clashes between the Maitei and Kuki communities. Speaking to reporters here, Patole said in the past two-and-a-half months, riots have broken out in 10 places in Maharashtra.


He alleged that the BJP, in power at both the Centre and the state, was behind these riots organised to divert attention from issues like inflation, unemployment and problems of farmers.

“This cunning ploy of the BJP to create a Manipur-like situation in Maharashtra cannot succeed as the ideology of (Rajrishi) Shahu, (Savitri) Phule and (BR) Ambedkar is deeply rooted in Maharashtra. Even in Rajrishi Shahu Maharaj’s Kolhapur, BJP tried to create religious discord, but the BJP’s conspiracy became clear to the people. So this plan also failed,” said Patole.

As the people of the state have exercised restraint and social harmony is the main religion of the state, the public does not support such a “conspiracy”, he said.

The Congress met the Director General of Police and the Governor regarding law and order in the state, but no concrete action has been taken to prevent any recurrence of such incidents, said Patole.

“The BJP governments do not talk of pressing problems like inflation and unemployment, nor to they take decisions that will give relief to the people,” he remarked.

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