Calcutta HC directs exhumation of Anis Khan’s body

Kolkata, Feb 24 (UNI): The Calcutta High Court on Thursday ordered that Anis Khan’s body be exhumed for a court-monitored second postmortem under the observation of a district judge, and said the SIT would carry on the investigation into his mysterious death.

The court ordered the postmortem report to be served quickly to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) and the court itself as well as to the petitioners in the case.


The victim’s mobile phone will be sealed by the SIT in presence of the petitioners and sent to Hyderabad for forensic test. The data in the mobile phone will be preserved and sealed by the Central Forensic Science Laboratory.

The victim’s father, Salem Khan, and elder brother Sabir Khan had refused to hand over the mobile phone to the SIT and said the same could be delivered only to the court or to the CBI.

Senior advocate and CPI-M leader Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya and some other legal practitioners of the high court had pleaded for initiation of suo motu motion into Anis’s mysterious death demanding an inquiry by an independent agency.

The SIT will continue to investigate the matter for now and submit the report within two weeks. the court order said. A report from Amta said Salem Khan on Thursday went to the Amta police station and demanded the arrest of the OC and other senior officers alleging his son was murdered under their instruction early Saturday.

Insisting on a CBI probe into the death of his son, Salem Khan said if the situation demanded he would more to a higher court. His comment came after he was informed of the Calcutta High Court order in the case.

The SIT on Wednesday arrested a Home Guard and a civic volunteer from Amta, Howrah, as suspects in the murder case.

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