CM to lead KHADC team to Delhi on village council issue

Shillong, Feb 7: Chief Minister Conrad  Sangma will take a delegation of  Autonomous District Councils to New Delhi for discussion on village council as the KHADC wanted strengthening of village dorbar and not village council as proposed in the amendment of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India.
Conrad coveyed this to a group from Khasi HIlls Autonomous District Council (KHADC) led by the Chief Executive Member (CEM) Titosstarwell Chyne, during a meeting with the chief minister on Monday.
Leader of Opposition, KHADC Pynshngain N Syiem was also present.
A clarification regarding the village council was also sought by the delegation.
The KHADC has decided to oppose the recent decision of cabinet to give approval to village councils in the state.
“He  has given us the assurance that before the amendment is placed in the next session, a meeting will be held in Delhi. The chief minister along with all the ADCs will be leaving to Delhi to have more discussion regarding this matter,” Chyne told reporters.
He added that the word village dorbar should not be removed as all traditional practices and all traditional institutions should be strengthened as per the amendment of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution.
According to Chyne, the chief minister  clarified that in the proposed amendment approved by the cabinet, the word village council has also been included with the word village dorbar as applicable. That means in Garo Hills they may accept the word village council but in Khasi Jaintia Hills, the word village dorbar is applicable,” he added.

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