Lamphrang Blah elected new KHADC Chairman

Shillong, Feb 7: NPP MDC  Lamphrang Blah was elected as the new chairman of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC), unopposed , on Monday.

The election of four-time NPP MDC of Mawphlang Diengiei Lamphrang Blah was announced by the Deputy Chairman Alvin Sawkmie during a special session.


“I have full faith and confidence that you will be able to further uplift the legislative wing in particular and the council as a whole,” the CEM T Chyne said while congratulating Blah.

He also emphasised the need to strengthen the coordination between the legislative and the executive.

The opposition leader PN Syiem urged the new chairman to bring necessary amendment to the Assam-Meghalaya Autonomous District (Constitution of District Council) Rules.

He said there are provisions in the AD rules which no longer suit the present day situation.

UDP MDC from Jaiaw Paul Lyngdoh said that the council has to prepare itself for the challenges after the amendment to the Sixth Schedule of the Indian constitution.

In his address, Blah said, “It will be my responsibility to work together for strengthening the rules and regulation of this council,”

Chyne decided to follow up different bills passed by the council which are pending with the state government and the office of the Governor for assent.

On the  amendment to AD rules, Blah said he would work together with the executive committee on the matter. “We will sit to discuss on this issue as during the tenure of the former CEM HS Shylla, a proposal was already submitted but it is pending with the state government,” he said.

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