Cong banks on new faces in 2023 polls

Shillong, July 1: The Congress is banking on new faces in the 2023 Assembly polls .

Besides some  former MLAs  and leaders, the party has many new faces, MPCC president Vincent Pala td reporters on Friday.


He said on July 9, many new members will join the party.

To a question, Pala said though he will be contesting the Assembly polls, he will not be projected as the face of the party.

High command to decide on expulsion

Pala said it was upto the High Command to decide on the expulsion of five suspended party legislators.

“Seeking  explanation and suspending are being done by the high command. If they are suspended, it is being done at the order of the high command and if they are expelled also it will be at the order of the high command”, Pala said.

“Recently the party high command held a meeting but ‘whether the MLAs will be expelled that I don’t know as it is not in my jurisdiction.”

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