Conrad downplays AITC criticism

Shillong, Sept 29: Chief Minister Conrad  Sangma has downplayed the criticism of AIl India Trinamool Congress.

“To say nothing is happening and everything is under misgovernance is incorrect”, Conrad Sangma told reporters on Thursday.


He was reacting to the daily attacks of the opposition AITC against the MDA on issues of misgovernance.

“We are not saying everything is perfect of course there are a lot of challenges and we have to work harder but to say nothing is happening and everything is under misgovernance would be incorrect,” he said.

He pointed out the launch of the school upgradation programme of renovating  dilapidated schools as an example.

“I also mentioned that we are going to receive a presidential award for the performance in Jal Jeevan Mission on October 2, as one of the best performing states in the country. That is another testimony and example of how Meghalaya government has been doing its work. We have got the same testimony for tourism, for start-ups we have got awards for e-Governance, we received awards and also for the health department,” he said.

AITC debate issue 

To questions on the stand of national spokesperson of AITC Saket Gokhale who still wants a debate on the misgovernance under the MDA, both the chief minister and the deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong refused to give any importance to the AITC leader.

Gokhale on Monday pointed that after the challenge was put forth, both the deputy CM as well as the CM made frivolous excuses to divert from the topic and to avoid participating in a debate where their corruption will be openly exposed in front of the media.

He also alleged that the MDA government is a proxy-BJP government controlled through remote control by Amit Shah in Delhi and by Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma.

However, in his response, the chief minister  said, “Tomorrow, somebody will come up from Gujarat, Bihar and Kerala. You tell me, is it anyway relevant? Is it possible for anyone who comes up in media or social media to have debate as it is an unreasonable kind of situation, this is very sad, unproductive and meaningless, tomorrow, hundred people will come up and say that I also challenge and this is unreasonable”, the chief minister said.

Tynsong said Gokhale should concentrate more time in West Bengal. The best persons who know what is going on are the people of Meghalaya”, he added.

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