Conrad & Lahkmen differ on political angle to IED

Shillong, Oct 5: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui have aired varied views on the political angle to the attempted bomb blast at NPP office in Lachaumiere on October 4.

Earlier in the day, after the election campaign at Mawphlang, Sangma told reporters that the timing of placing the crude explosive device needs to be looked into and that the political angle cannot be ruled out.


However,  the home minister told reporters later that he does not want to make any political assessment on the issue.

He also refused to comment to a question as to whether there is any move to destabilise the MDA government.

“For me crime is a crime so after getting all the inputs, after getting all the reports then only I can say whether there is any political angle or not,” he added.

On the chief minister’s statement on the incident, Rymbui said, “I am not the spokesperson of the CM so I cannot comment what he said because till now I don’t know what statement he is making but for me the security and safety of the people is more important and the police will go deep into this issue so that it is prevented at any cost.”

Sangma, while questioning  the timing of the incident said, “I wonder why at such a timing that one day before Blah (Mawphlang MDC Lamphrang Blah who left Congress) is supposed to join somebody comes up with a statement like this. Are they scared that the NPP is growing from strength to strength?” he asked.

The chief minister and deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong campaigned for party candidate Blah at Mawphlang.

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