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Chakma Congress body slams Rijiju over ‘relocation’ remark

Shillong, Oct 5: The Chakma District Congress Committee (CDCC) of Mizoram on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to restraint Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju from raising communal ill-feelings against the Chakmas and Hajongs by repeatedly suggesting relocation of the two communities in Arunachal Pradesh 60 years after their resettlement.

“The Chakmas and Hajongs did not go to Arunachal Pradesh on their own. It was the Government of India that took them there during 1964-68 in the aftermath of the Indo-China war. India wanted loyal Chakmas and Hajongs. For the last 57 years, even basic humanitarian facilities were not given and whatever provided was snatched. On January 9, 1996, the Supreme Court gave its judgment to process citizenship applications,” a CDCC statement said.


The CCDC also sought intervention of Congress President Sonia Gandhi against proposed relocation of the Chakmas and Hajongs.

“Instead of implementing the judgment of the Supreme Court, the dubious suggestion to relocate the Chakmas and Hajongs almost 60 years after their migration is inhuman, illegal and unconstitutional,” the statement read.

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