Conrad warns of action against accused involved in bomb blast

Shillong, Feb 1: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has assured that the government will take stern action against perpetrators of the Khyndailad IED blast and against attempts to create fear among the citizens of the state, especially the business community.

He also criticised the TMC by saying that then Congress knows better than during their time what happened. “I think they understand the law and order situation. Of course they are trying to play politics with the overall situation which is unfortunate that they should play politics in this kind of situation, they should be constructively working with the government”, he told reporters on  Tuesday.


To a question, Conrad said state government is open for talks with the banned Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) but it cannot be conditional.

“We are very much open. We have always maintained that we are open but it cannot be conditional,” Sangma said.

Govts to wait for Centre’s response on border

Meghalaya and Assam have decided to wait for the Centre to finalise the border agreement for six of the twelve areas of difference shared between the two states.

The decision was taken at a recently held border talks between both the chief ministers in Guwahati.

“During that meeting with the Assam CM we have come to an understanding in the first six locations.  I don’t think we will be having another meeting with the Assam CM as we have finalised everything. Now we will wait for the Government of India to call us. Based on that, we will be able to come out with the final resolution for the first six areas of difference,” he said

Reservation policy

The chief minister warned of a larger ramification that may arise out of the issue related to the state reservation policy.

He said that most of the political leaders and the larger section of the society are aware about those issues

“Therefore, this may not be the appropriate time to discuss that as it may have larger ramifications for the society and for the tribal of our state as a whole,” Sangma said

GHADC issue 

Sangma said there are many issues regarding the style of functioning of former GHADC CEM Benedic Marak that led to his removal.

“The fact that there were some funds that were diverted from tied funds for other purposes. These kinds of things led to a bit of concern among them. I played my role as president to ensure the NPP was stable but the rest of the decision was made by the MDCs,” he said.

On any action to be taken against the former CEM , Sangma said it is not for him to take that call as there is a disciplinary committee which will go according to the process. “Whatever has to be done it will be the disciplinary committee of the party that will take the action,” he said.

Inquiry panels 

To a question, the chief minister said state government is waiting for the different inquiry commissions to submit their reports into the alleged irregularities in various departments.

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