Delay in judicial probe into Thangkhiew’s death    

Shillong, Aug 29: There will be delay for the commission of inquiry headed by justice (retired) T Vaiphei to start the probe into the death of former HNLC general secretary Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew in police action as he is busy due to his personal commitment.

Vaiphei informed on phone that since he is busy due to the marriage of his daughter in Manipur, he would be able to come to Shillong only after sometime.


Vaiphei said he is eager to start the probe though there are pending works since he is also the chairperson of both Assam and Meghalaya human rights commissions.

“I had declined the offer of the Meghalaya government for the judicial inquiry but since the government insisted I said yes,” he said.

According to the government, since Vaiphei is heading the human rights commission, all angles, including human rights violations, will be investigated.

Vaiphei said he will try to complete the probe within the stipulated time of three months.

The government had notified the terms of reference for the inquiry on August 20.

One of the terms of reference is to look into the circumstances leading to the police action on August 13 resulting in the death of Thangkhiew at his residence at Mawlai Kynton Massar.

The commission will have to give a fact finding report as to the culpability or otherwise of the police action resulting in the death of Thangkhiew.

Thirdly, any other circumstances which are relevant, in the opinion of the commission, can be taken up.

Though the government has given three months’ time for the commission to complete the probe, more time may be sought by the commission.

According to the notification, many complaints have been received by the state government alleging unnatural circumstances leading to the death of Thangkhiew and the public grievances and anguish due to these complaints and allegations have caused widespread disruption of public order and have become a matter of public importance.

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