Despite siblings’ move, RG Lyngdoh to stick with Cong

Shillong, Feb 24: Congress leader RG Lyngdoh has said there is no question of leaving the party despite the move of his siblings.

In September last year, Lyngdoh had rejoined the Congress.


While his sister and Congress MLA Ampareen Lyngdoh had extended support to the NPP-led MDA government and is certain to join the NPP, another sister Jasmine Lyngdoh joined the NPP along with Ampareen’s husband FJ Lakadong, on Wednesday.

RG responds to the queries on his stand on the matter, more desertions and about the MPCC president.

“My siblings are mature educated people. They are both PhD holders – more educated than I am – so I am sure they know what they are doing. And they are not answerable to me, they are answerable to their voters. Elections are coming, let them justify their actions to the people who will either elect or reject them.

Jasmine Lyngdoh at NPP office on Wednesday (MM)

As for me, I am too old to be jumping from tree to tree. I am back with the Congress because I believe in its principles. In 2008 I did not leave the party. It was the party leaders, of that time, who suspended me for reasons best known to them. On the surface of course, they said they were not happy with some of my views on the machinations of the AICC observers of that time. Anyway, that is all water under the bridge, and, after a lot of thought, I am back in the party to support and assist this new dispensation. It is difficult for me to leave it now on emotional grounds. I respect the decisions made by my siblings, and I am sure they will respect my decision as well”

On Vincent Pala 

“The present president is responsible to plan for the future of the party and to steer it in that direction. We are only there to assist him. Yes, there have been some allegations leveled against him, but until they have been proven to be true, I cannot, and I will not comment upon them. Good leaders make plans using their head and execute the plans using their heart. This is so that the plans are well thought through and then they are implemented with a compassion for the beneficiaries. You cannot make plans based on feelings, because eight times out of ten, these plans will fail. I have seen that the present president of the MPCC has a good head on his shoulders and a heart to listen to the people and help them. This is a good combination for a leader”.

FJ Lakadong at the joining function at NPP office (MM)

On desertion of MLAs 

“Most legislators feel that they need the power of being in the ruling dispensation. Then they feel the need for a position, either as a Minister or a Chairman. But the people need good legislators in the Opposition. Unfortunately, most legislators in the Opposition just sit quietly, waiting for the opportunity to join the Treasury benches. But being in the Opposition is not a spectator sport. The people need the Opposition members to act as watchdogs on their behalf. The members should pull up the ruling party, or the coalition, whenever they act against the interest of the people. They should support good policies and tear down the bad policies. It is not only about politics, but they have a duty to the public at large. The sad part is that, today, Opposition parties feel that their only duty is to sling mud at the ruling dispensation”.

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