‘Dismantle 29 coke plants in Sutnga’

Shillong, March 28: The Environment Coordination Committee (ECC) Sutnga Elaka, East Jaintia Hills, has asked the state government to dismantle 29 coke plants, which have been issued with refusal of consent to operate.

“We demand the Chief Minister and Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board (MSPCB) to issue a necessary directive order to dismantle all the coke plants, which have been issued with refusal of consent,” legal adviser of the ECC, Reading War (in picture)  told reporters on Monday.


He said as per RTI findings 29 out of 50 coke plants in Sutnga Elaka have been issued with refusal of consent by the MSPCB due to various reasons.

War wanted the government not to legalise  the coke plants and issue a ban on coke plants in the entire state.

“I am not inciting any violence here but if the government tries to legalise the coke plants, it would be disastrous in the Elaka. This is a message from the residents that we are going to hit the streets again and it is going to be a disaster. We are seeking a total ban on setting up of coke plants in the Elaka. We will fight till there is no single coke plant left in the Elaka”, he said.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has given directive to the MSPCB for computation of environment compensation, costs of restitution and remedial measures as well as penalty to be imposed for violation of environment norms to all the erring units.

War also cited that the exact location of two coke plants namely M/s Syrpai Coke and M/s Jaintia Coke Industries are at Sookilo village, Elaka Sutnga.

“That Sookilo is very much a village was recognised by the JHADC under the JHADC Establishment of Village Act, 2015,” he said.

However, War said the proprietors of the two coke plants mislead the concerned authority in their application forms by mentioning that Sookilo is a commercial hub. However, for obtaining single window clearance ( SWA) they have mentioned it as a village, he said.

“M/s Mahajong Coke LLP, M/s Khlieh Umim Coke, M/s Ioannis Industries Pvt Ltd, M/s Kantalo Coke all are located at Umtyra village. M/s NM Fuels is situated at Moolamylliang not only that it is situated in nearby residential place but we are also surprised to learn that this coke plant which was once seized and sealed by the District Magistrate of East Jaintia Hills, for operating without CTO and established without CTE clearly violates all the environment norms but despite all these failure, the MSPCB is still issuing CTO or permitting to operate. The ECC demands explanation from the MSPCB as to why CTO was granted,” War said.

He wanted to know from MSPCB as to why the M/s Jaintia coke industries chimney at Sookilo and the M/s Meghalaya coke chimney at Pather Umpleng are not given refusal of consent like the rest.

“ M/s Jaintia coke industries chimney at Sookilo has been issued with closure notice for establishing and operating without CTE and CTO and still no refusal of consent issued in this regard. Also the M/s Meghalaya coke chimney has been already established yet no refusal of consent issued hence the MSPCB should dispose of their applications and issue refusal of consent as done for the others”, he added

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