Federation of Khasi States cancels meet on 73rd anniv of IoA

Shillong, August 17: The Federation of Khasi States had to cancel the virtual online meeting on Tuesday owing to the prevailing law and order situation.

In a statement, the federation reminded the state about the Instrument of Accession (IoA) signed 73 years ago in the presence of the then Governor General of India C Rajagopalachari.


The federation reiterated that the national solemn commitment by the Union government of India remains unfulfilled.

“Even after 73 years the historical treaty of the 25 Khasi States signed individually and collectively as the Federation of Khasi States, is very relevant till today,” said John Kharshiing, advisor to and spokesperson for the federation.

Kharshiing said the lack of sincerity in implementing the IoA has resulted in the many challenges faced by the Khasi-Jaintia people.

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