Govt gets relief as NTPC decides to sell power

Shillong, March 31: The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has agreed to reallocate 70 percent of its power share to Tamil Nadu, thereby reducing the burden on the state.

The power purchase agreement (PPA) was signed by the government with the NTPC in 2007 and as per the agreement, the government will have to pay to NTPC even if it is not availing power.


“We will be completely free of this agreement that was signed many years back because of which more than Rs 300 to Rs 400 crore, Meghalaya government had to pay for not having used a single unit of power,” Chief Minister Conrad Sangma told reporters on Thursday.

Around 56 MW has been allotted to Tamil Nadu of the share of 86 MW that was total for Meghalaya,” Conrad said.

PA Sangma fellowship

The cabinet has approved the PA Sangma Fellowship for Legal & Policy Research & Training.

Chief Minister Conra said the fellowship programme will be carried out in collaboration with the National Law School of India University (NLSIU).

The cabinet approved the ex-post facto of the amendment to the GST rules carried out in l2018-2021.

Approval was also given fir the extension of the terms of service of Col Guatum Rai, Director of Sainik Board and Col MS Singhs, Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer, Tura for another three years.

Mineral fund 

The cabinet has approved the Meghalaya Minor Minerals Reclamation Fund Management Guidelines, 2022.

Chief Minister  said the government had started the reclamation fund for the minor minerals back in the year 2015, based on the order of the High Court.

He said the fund is mainly to reclaim the areas where the minor minerals have been excavated and is in line with the major mineral reclamation fund where everything from filling up the areas where the mining took place to plantation of trees, increasing of the greenery, and protection of water bodies are taken care of.

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