Pakistan PM braces for Sunday trust vote, slams opp as foreign power’s stooges

Islamabad, Mar 31 (UNI): Embattled Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday addressed the nation days ahead of voting on a no-confidence resolution against him in the National Assembly that will decide his fate.

“Today, I have to talk about something important about the country’s future,” the prime minister said in his opening remarks. “I decided to do this address live because Pakistan is at a defining moment and we have two paths ahead of us.”

“But before that, I want to tell you that why a person like me entered politics. I am a fortunate person whom Allah had blessed with everything, including fame and wealth. I am from the first generation that was born in a free country. Pakistan is five years older than me. My parents were born during times of slavery. They made me realise that I was lucky to have been born in a free country because in slavery you cannot rise above a certain level. Khuddari is a sign of a free nation,” he added.

The prime minister explained why he had entered politics in the 1990s following a successful cricket career. “I entered politics because I came to the conclusion that Pakistan can never be the country that Allah and Quaid-e-Azam struggled for even in poor health,” he said.

“Had Allah not blessed me with faith, I would (not have) entered politics. I was mocked for 14 years and people repeatedly asked me why did I enter politics. I came into politics because of an ideology. Since I joined politics, I have always said that neither will I bow down before anyone and nor will I let my nation bow down. It means I will not let my nation be a slave to anyone. I have never backed down from this stance,” Khan added.

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