Home minister against ILP graffiti campaigns by KSU

Shillong, Aug 3: Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui said there is a limit to any protest as the ILP issue will have to be pursued with the Centre and not by graffiti.

His reaction was in response to the graffiti campaigns being initiated by the KSU in protest against the delay by the Centre to implement the ILP.


“India is a democratic country where everybody has the right to express their point of view but there is a limit to this,” Rymbui told reporters on Tuesday.

He said the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly had already passed a resolution asking the Centre to implement ILP, which is a long pending aspiration of the people of the state.

Rymbui said the government along with the pressure groups  had also raised the issue before the Union Home Minister during his visit to the state.

“It has come to the knowledge of the government of India, we have to pursue it. There is no need to do all these things (wall graffiti) because even if we do here the main thing is that we have to pursue it in Delhi,” he added.

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