HYC asks Municipal Board to remove waste disposal facility from Motphran

Shillong, May 6: The HYC has petitioned the Chief Executive Officer, Shillong Municipal Board to remove the waste disposal facility put up at Motphran.

In the letter addressed to the Board, Francis G. Mawlong, Vice-President HYC said on May 2,  the  organisation conducted spot inquiry of the waste disposal facility put up by SMB at Mothpran after receiving numerous complaints from the people.


“During inspection, we found that the said facility belonging to the SMB meant for waste disposal and collection of wastes have not only produced foul and unhygienic smell affecting the general public as a whole who are passers-by from the area but have also been a place where people engaged in selling and using illicit drugs are taking shelter in the corner of the said facility for their activities”, the HYC said.

“These activities are happening in day time only and we have apprehended by ourselves the people using drugs at the place itself during our visit. The existence of this facility is not only providing a safe place for these drug users to do drugs in full public display but also turning Motphran into an open Marten area, which is unacceptable and condemned by one and all as the wastes are left uncovered and strewn on the roads in the heart of the city”, Mawlong said.

The HYC said besides removing  the facility, the affected area should be sanitised failing which the organisation will take necessary steps to remove the same.

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