Mawrie denies nepotism, internal conflicts in party

Shillong, Sept 6:  The state BJP president Ernest Mawrie has asked HM Shangpliang, who quit the party, to check the meaning of nepotism before accusing him of indulging in any such activity.

He asserted on Wednesday that there is no nepotism in the party as alleged by the outgoing member and added that all the decisions regarding the appointment of members or office bearers are taken in consultation with the central leaders.


“As far as the allegation of internal conflicts is concerned, the party functionaries, especially the two MLAs of the BJP, are working unitedly with the party, hence there is no conflict”, he added.

According to Mawrie, the resignation letter  reached the media first before it was received by him.

“Before I reached the office, the media persons came to know about the resignation letter. It is also strange that the resignation letter with allegations against me is addressed to me by the outgoing member”, he said.

Mawrie pointed out that the BJP is a cadre based party and though he is a party president, he alone cannot take decisions as consultations with the central leaders are necessary.

The BJP president added that Shangpliang is not a senior leader of the party as he became the member of the party only in November.

On the demand for a change in the post of party president, Mawrie said that it depends on the central leadership of the party.

Though the tenure of the state party president ended, it is expected that the appointment will be simultaneous with the change of national president..

Shangpliang  had contested and won from the Congress in 2018 from Mawsynram.

Prior to the Assembly elections, he joined Trinamool Congress in 2022 only to resign later to join the BJP to contest the Assembly polls held early part of this year.

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