Shangpliang blames nepotism, quits BJP

Shillong, Sept 6: BJP leader HM Shangpliang on Wednesday quit the party by blaming nepotism under the leadership of state  president Ernest Mawrie.

In his two-page resignation letter, sent to Mawrie on Wednesday,Shangpliang  said that though he wanted the state party president to resolve internal conflicts within the party, nothing was done.


“Though I would have liked to remain and serve the party in right earnest, I understand that as long as nepotism prevails within the rank and file of state BJP continues under the leadership of the state president of the BJP, it will hinder all possible steps of the dedicated and loyal party men to freely excercise their minds and grow in the party”, the letter addressed to Mawrie said.

Shangpliang is set to join the NPP.


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