Metbah discusses roster issue with Conrad

Shillong, April 18: United Democratic Party president Metbah Lyngdoh has taken up the issue of reservation policy and roster system with the Chief Minister Conrad Sangma.

During his recent meeting, Lyngdoh stressed that theĀ  discussion should be in the interest of all the communities in the state.


“On his first day in office, I met him personally and I discussed with him regarding the issue of the reservation policy and the roster system,” Lyngdoh told reporters on Tuesday.

“I have placed before him this very sensitive issue which needs to be discussed in detail for the interest of the people of all communities in the state and the approach has to be in a very harmonious and peaceful manner,” he said.

To a question, Lyngdoh said, “First, the right platform is with the chief minister. That is the right platform. So we have aired our concerns about this issue and the chief minister has responded very positively that we will look into this issue.”

When asked about the stand of the UDP on whether the roster should be implemented with prospective or retrospective effect, the UDP leader however said, “I would like to tell you here this is a very sensitive issue. One can’t just say I like this I like that we are here for the interest of the people of our state. With responsibility and accountability, we have to ensure whatever issues that we take up it has to be in a very matured manner.”

He admitted that the issue is very sensitive and delicate and needs a very detailed discussion with the stakeholders in the government and said, “There we will place our points and give our suggestions accordingly.”

Lyngdoh did not want to comment on the VPP’s demand for reviewing the state reservation policy and said, “I am not concerned about the points raised by other political parties, I am concerned about my own party”.

To a question as to UDP had also made it clear the need to review of the reservation policy in its election manifesto, the party president said, “That is what I am saying so we will be reviewing in what sense? In the right platform. That is where we have to understand.”

The UDP leader also said he does not know who brought up the need to have a special session on the issue and said that the issue need to be discussed first at the right platform then they will see from there.

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