Mukul calls MDA a puppet govt controlled from Delhi

Shillong,Jan 27: Meghalaya TMC leader Mukul Sangma on Friday termed the MDA as a “puppet government”

“This NPP-led MDA government is being run by those sitting in Delhi. From February 27, we will use our powers to unite and govern this beautiful hill state based on law and order with a sheer understanding of the necessities and concerns of every household of Meghalaya,” Mukul said, while addressing a gathering held at Chotcholja Ground in North Garo Hills district.


He asserted the party is committed to implement its 10 pledges, which were announced last week.

“Meghalaya TMC takes pride to declare that we launched the manifesto before other parties. For everyone who thinks about what we will do after forming the government in the state, we have promised 10 pledges covering education, health, infrastructure, opportunities for the traders, and other signature initiatives.”

In another event held at Resubelpara, the leader of opposition urged the people of the state to join hands and ensure the holistic welfare of Meghalaya.

“The purpose of an elected representative is to build a state where people can live in peace and future generations live without worry or hassle. This is our state and we need to come forward with a united front to run our state. We have all been victims of the nefarious NPP-led MDA regime. One should use the knowledge given by God to discern and choose who should be elected. One should prevision the consequences that will transpire in the future if we do not unite our state now,” Mukul said, while calling for unity and oneness.

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