Naidu for dialogue with militants, giving up arms

Shillong,Oct 4: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said there is a need to have dialogue with the insurgent groups in the North East so that they can give up arms, and join the peace process.

“What is required is peace which is prerequisite for the progress of the people, all round development of the people”,  he said on Monday after laying the foundation stone of Shillong-Dawki road project.


According to Naidu, for the development of Northeastern states, peace is a must.

“Peace is the prerequisite for progress. I am happy that insurgency is coming to an end. There is a need to put down the insurgency, to have a dialogue with these groups and see to it that they give up arms”, he said.

The vice president said only peace can bring about education, health, employment opportunities, connectivity and these are vital to the people of the Northeast.

“Because of the fear of the gun, because of insurgency, so many things have been obstructed. Now it is time that we must utilise this peaceful atmosphere and create a proper ecosystem for the development of the state in a fast track manner”, he added.

He also advocated transparency and accountability.

“There should be zero tolerance to corruption, corruption is the enemy of development.  Now that we have the advantage of digital technology, everything should be made online so that there is no need for a line (queue). Going and standing on a line waiting for our turn should be totally avoided. Benefits should reach the people directly. Pension, PDS should reach the people directly. Whatever, benefits the government is giving, should go directly to people’s pockets,” he said.

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