‘NEHU executive council to implement education policy not academic council’

Shillong, July 25: Prof. Ghanashyam Bez of NEHU, chemistry department ,while admitting that the Academic Council has not mentioned on the year of implementation of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, asserted that the Executive Council of the University has to implement the policy and not the academic council.


The NEHU professor observed that the early implementation of the policy can benefit all.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday on the sidelines of an event on NEP 2020 organised by IIM- Shillong at Umsawli, Bez said that the aspect of implementing the policy is left with the executive council of the university.

Earlier, theĀ  Meghalaya College Teachers Association ( MCTA) had pointed out that the 110th NEHU Academic Council meeting never adopted a resolution to implement the NEP from 2023-24 academic session.

The MCTA, whose members are also part of the academic council, said that the academic council meeting adopted only the ordinances relating to NEP 2020 and also the syllabus prepared by different departments/schools.

The NEHU students’ union had also pointed out the infrastructure difficulties before implementing NEP 2020.

Though NEHU academic council has not decided on the year of implementation of NEP 2020, Bez, who is also a member of the council, said that it will be desirable to implement the policy at the earliest for the interest of the students.

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