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New office bearers take charge in JNC’s Nongkhlieh Circle

Shillong, Jan 19: The Jaiñtia National Council (JNC) Nongkhlieh Circle renewed its office bearers in a meeting held on January 17.

The oath-taking ceremony for the new leaders of the JNC-  Nongkhlieh Circle was led by CEC General Secretary Wanshwa Suting.


The meeting was chaired by Mebanteilang Sukhlaiñ, Publicity and Information Secretary JNC CEC. The list of names as follows:

1.President: Niki Sutnga

2.Vice President: Pynbait Sutnga

3.General secretary: Daniwan Dkhar

4.Asst secretary : Rimiki Sutnga

5.Organising secretary: Winson Pyrngap

6.Assistant organising secretary: Kheplang Pajuh

7.Publicity secretary: Trechan Pyrngap

8.Education secretary: Jimmy Biam

9.Finance secretary: Fighting Dkhar

10.Sport secretary: Force Pyrngap

11.Discipline secretary: Rison Rupon

12.Enviromment secretary: MewanSukhlain

13.Office secretary: Laitstarwel Dkhar

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