Overnight masks can help you have glowing skin in winter

During these harshest winter months, your 10-minute morning skincare routine may not be cutting it. The combination of lower temperatures and humidity, harsh winter winds and indoor heat can result in dry, dull and irritated skin that may need a little extra tender loving care. One such solution that can help is overnight masks.

Sleep masks are the latest skincare obsession. Overnight masks are like a supercharged, extra-potent serum or face cream that helps provide deep hydration and nutrients to your face while you are sleeping.


Overnight masks are formulated to deeply penetrate your skin giving you better-looking skin, a healthier complexion, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, a softer texture and less dryness or redness. They are lighter on the skin than your regular moisturiser, so you can actually wear them overnight without creating a mess on your pillowcase.

Designed to be applied before bed and rinsed off in the morning, the common goal of the different formulas is to moisturise skin, relax your muscles and help you sleep better. Our skin regenerates, or restores, naturally at night. So, adding a little extra help with actives in an overnight mask may nudge the process along,

If you have any skin problems that you need to target, overnight face masks are a great idea for intense skin hydration, brightening and calming. They are water-based, easily absorbable and can penetrate deeper into the skin and have more time to be absorbed into the skin.

Skin can lose a lot of water during sleep, and the AC or heater can exacerbate the problem even further. Skin cells replicate and reproduce at night. Wearing an overnight mask works both as a barrier and sealant. A light coating of this product prevents dirt and dust from closing in on your pores and locks in your other active products, letting all the good work more effectively without evaporating away. You will probably wake up with a healthier, glowing, flake-free and even-toned face.

We love using the ingredients provided by nature. So, here are some overnight face masks that you can easily prepare at home:

  1. Tomato masks: Take one tomato and two tablespoons of raw milk and blend both to make a paste. Apply the mask evenly on your face and exposed areas like the neck, hands, etc. Leave it overnight and rinse it with cold water in the morning.

Take a tomato and cut it into two halves. Take about six tablespoons of raw milk in a bowl. Now, dip the tomato into the milk bowl and apply it all over your face. Once the layer is dried up, repeat it again and apply the second layer and so on till you feel it is okay. Leave it on overnight and rinse it off with cold water in the morning.

Mix three tablespoons of fresh tomato juice and a tablespoon of honey in a bowl and apply the mixture on the face and leave it overnight. Wash your face in the morning with fresh water. You can use it twice a week

This face mask is also an excellent cure for sunburn due to its cooling properties. Tomato mask being a natural astringent works best for acne-prone skin. It also helps in reviving the glow on dull skin and is an excellent remedy for sunburn.

  1. Turmeric and milk mask: Mix two tablespoons of milk with a tablespoon of turmeric powder in a bowl. Apply the mixture on the face neck and open areas and leave it overnight. Wash with normal water in the morning. Raw milk is an excellent anti-tan agent. It proves to be an excellent natural remedy to treat sun tan at home.

Lactic acid present in milk easily penetrates the skin, hydrating it and giving it a radiant glow. Turmeric’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties help kill any unhealthy bacteria and help remove any scars.

  1. Almond and milk mask: Soak 10 raw almonds in water overnight and peel them the next morning. Crush the almonds in a blender. Add five tablespoons of milk and blend the mixture again. Apply it on your face with a cotton ball before going to bed and leave it on overnight. Wash your face in the morning with cold water.

This overnight mask is rich in folic acid and Vitamin E. This mask will make your skin soft. Just make sure to use this remedy twice a week for better results.

  1. Cucumber, green tea and potato juice: Take half potato and half cucumber, grate them and squeeze their juice. Then mix the juices of potato and cucumber with half a cup of green tea juice. Apply it on your face using a cotton ball. Let the mixture stay on the face overnight and then rinse off with cold water the following day. Using cucumber on the skin has proven best as it cools the skin and treats sunburn problems.

It nourishes the skin, provides intense hydration and fights signs of ageing alongside acting as an effective moisturiser. At the same time, the presence of antibacterial properties of cucumber help lower the scars and reduces acne issues. Do this three times a week.

5. Coconut oil mask: Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil with three drops of tea tree oil in a bowl. Wash your face and apply on the face. Leave it overnight and rinse with cold water the next morning. Coconut oil cleanses the skin while you are asleep. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial ingredient that can help in reducing scars and is a great ingredient to use in any face pack for acne.

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