Pala takes responsibility for defeat in bypolls

Shillong, Nov 15: The MPCC president, Vincent Pala took responsibility for the defeat of party candidates, in the three bypolls in state.

Addressing a press conference at Congress Bhawan on Monday, Pala admitted the setback and said the rebel candidates fighting the bypolls separately in all the three seats was a factor.


He, however, pointed out that the vote share of the Congress was more than other political parties in Mawryngkneng, Mawphlang and Rajabala

Pala said in Rajabala, the government misused its machinery to win the election.

There was a clash between the Congress and the NPP workers ahead of polls and Pala alleged that the government took action against more than 100 Congress workers sparing the NPP workers.

Kennedy, Kharmalki hopeful 

Congress candidate of Mawphlang Kennedy Khyriem, while accepting the defeat, said since the bypoll was soon after the death of sitting MLA SK Sunn, sympathy factor helped his son and UDP candidate Eugeneson Lyngdoh to win the election.

“Moreover, we were fighting against the government . While the ruling party candidates won in the past elections, hardly we the opposition won the bypolls. Eugeneson was elected as he promised that he can do something being in the government.

Kennedy also said the exit of four-time Congress MDC Lamphrang Blah has also resulted in split of votes.

” But we are working hard to effect a change in 2023″, he said.

Highlander Kharmalki of Mawryngkneng said he had a meeting with his supporters and the  assessment was that last minute, the ruling NPP used it’s resources to win the election.

“Our vote share is rising. My vote share    increased by 100 per cent”, Kharmalki added.

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