Polish security forces use water cannons, flash grenades to stop migrants

Belarusian prez may seek support from Russia

Bruzgi Checkpoint/Minsk, Nov 16 (UNI/Sputnik): Polish security forces used flash and noise grenades and water cannons against migrants attempting to cross the border from Belarus, a Sputnik correspondent reported from the scene on Tuesday.

A group of migrants took down border fences and began throwing stones and sticks at Polish guards near the Bruzgi checkpoint. In response, the Polish security forces used crowd-control equipment, including water cannons and stun grenades.


A large group of refugees, mostly Kurds, headed for the Belarusian-Polish border on November 8. About 2,000 migrants, including a significant number of women and children, have set up camp near the Polish border in the vicinity of the Bruzgi checkpoint in the Grodno region. The Polish guard have been blocking all attempts to illegally cross the border. The situation in the camp has been described as catastrophic by a UN delegation.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said he has plans to have a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid the migration crisis, and does not rule out the possibility of asking for assistance without involving Moscow.

“If we need today any military, technical or defence help, — and it is our common border, of the Union State, — say it. I will talk to the Russian president and ask him to join and, if needed, to render the corresponding assistance, without involving them [Russia] in this refugee crisis. Because you see that these scoundrels of the collective West are shifting all the responsibility to Russia, which yet has nothing to do with it,” Lukashenko told the Belarusian Belta news agency.

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