Puja thoughts of theologian Kyrsoibor Pyrtuh

Theologian Kyrsoibor Pyrtuh shares his Puja thoughts.

Pyrtuh is the candidate of KAM for North Shillong 


“For me puja celebrarions are more theological and social than political and will never be an electoral engagement. Having grown up in Shillong one cannot deny that one’s childhood was informed by the socio-cultural and religious events, from Durga to Diwali etc . The lights, sights and sounds of puja pandals and diwali decorations were mesmerising. There were times when Diwali, Pomblang Nongkrem and the annual Procession coincided and the Town would be lit up and buzzed with activities, including economic.

As a grown up and as one who did theology and religion, also who believe in wider ecumenism Puja festival is an ocassiion to reaffirm shakti which Ma Durga represents and to employ such shakti to attain not just mukti but insaaf.

Let’s us together buid a just and equal future.


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