Shangpliang left BJP for his political gain : Farmer’s wing chief

Shillong, Sept 11: Kisan state Morcha President Justice Syiem on Monday alleged that the former MLA HM Shangpliang left the BJP to join the NPP for his political gain.

Syiem said the statement of Shangpliang substantiates that he joined the NPP for his own political gain and not for ideology or development of people.


In a statement, Syiem said there are hundreds of important workers in the party who work selflessly and deserve rewards but Shangpliang joined the party only last November and was given support to win the election, unfortunately he failed to do so. “Had he been an ideological party man he would have waited for the time when the party will give more responsibility to him.

He said Shangpliang has never delivered anything to the party in his 9 months’ journey in BJP.

“Last few months after the elections when the State Kisan Morcha was reshuffled its state executive, I had personally asked Mr Shangpliang several times to give names for Kisan Morcha organisational responsibilities in the state and also constitute the Kisan Morcha Mandal Mawsynram but in all occasions he told me that he is busy with government assignments and he will get back to me but in reality he has never delivered anything to the Party in 9 months’ journey in BJP”, he added.

Moreover, Shangpliang’s allegation against the state president Ernest Mawrie is totally baseless, he said.

According to Syiem, the concerned person ( Shangpliang) within a span of last 6 years of his political journey has changed his political ideology for the 4th time.

Syiem said in Shangpliang’s 9 months’ journey in the party and 6 years of political career, he has not even understood that a political worker does voluntary work and party assigns responsibility to any of its cadres on the basis of his available time, skills and experience.  Wife of Mawrie, Matilda Kharbuki or Shangpliang’s cousin brother was assigned responsibilities in the party the same yardstick was followed so the word nepotism is completely fallacious here, he added.

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