SPARK gives voice to children to protest against child labour

Shillong,June 12: SPARK observed the anti-child labour day together with children on Saturday following  necessary health protocols due to Covid.

This year’s theme was ‘act now, end child labour”.


Shima Modak, President & Founder of SPARK, sensitised the communities on their role and responsibility  to eradicate child labour completely.

She also spoke to the parents about parenting and caring towards the development and welfare of their children.

During the day, children too participated in holding placards raising their voice to ‘stop child labour’ and ensure a healthy childhood to every child. The programme was organised at Bara Bazar Slum and Mawlong village.

Besides, 12 more children being engaged in child labour were brought back to education and enrolled in SPARK Educational Centre.

Modak  said books and pen were handed over to them and now “they will be holding school bags instead of rags bag”.

Masks and soaps were also distributed among the children to protect against the Covid-19.

The children were told to take necessary precautions along with their families and communities to fight against the pandemic.

A statement by SPARK said that amid the coronavirus pandemic and global crisis, there has been a drastic surge in  child labour across the globe as people face  employment woes. For the last 12 years, SPARK has been working with the children making every effort to rescue them  from child labour and all other forms of  exploitation, it said.

SPARK said it is also working relentlessly to bring the children back to school and give them a platform for fulfilling their aims in life to have a brighter future.

Modak said since the SPARK has been going through critical sustenance problems, she requested the concerned adults to come forward to help the organisation, in whatever possible way, so that it can sustain and continue with its endeavour to work for societal welfare.

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