Standing against religious bigotry and advocating for peace


In recent times, our attention has been drawn to a disturbing statement made by a politician regarding the eradication of Christianity, likening it to the eradication of a virus. Such rhetoric not only displays religious bigotry but also threatens the fabric of our diverse society.


It is imperative to address such divisive remarks with resolute condemnation. Christianity, like any other faith, should never be targeted for eradication or discrimination. The strength of Christianity lies not in numbers but in the principles of love, peace, and compassion it espouses.

In response to this intolerance, reflecting on the history of faith and resilience is essential. Throughout millennia, Christians have faced persecution and oppression. Yet, they have endured, guided by the principles of their beliefs and the strength of their convictions.

Consider the plight of ancient kings and rulers who sought to extinguish Christianity from the earth. From Nimrod to Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar to Xerxes, history is replete with examples of those who opposed religious freedom and met their downfall. Despite their power and might, they could not extinguish the spirit of Christianity.

As we navigate contemporary challenges, let us remember the lessons of history. Attempts to suppress Christianity only lead to turmoil and division. Instead, let us embrace the values of peace and love that transcend religious boundaries.

To the proponents of bigotry and intolerance, we extend a message of caution. History has shown that pursuing glory and power at the expense of peace and love leads to ruin. Let us choose unity over division, understanding over prejudice and empathy over hostility.

In conclusion, let us stand together in solidarity against religious bigotry and advocate for a society where Christianity, along with all faiths, is respected and cherished. Together, we can build a future where peace and love prevail.

Yours etc.,

JC Marak,


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