VPP alerts CEO on possible proxy voting in Jaintia Hills

'Sloganeering not done by VPP members'

Shillong, Apr 9: The VPP has petitioned the Chief Electoral Officer expressing concern over possible proxy voting in Jaintia Hills.

In a letter to the CEO on Tuesday, the VPP  said according to the information received by the workers of the party, there is every
likelihood that attempts would be made to interfere with the process of free and fair
conduct of polls in the state especially in Jaintia Hills districts by anti-social elements
having vested interest.


“There is a likelihood that proxy voting may take place if the polling officials are not vigilant and committed to the task of ensuring free and fair election”, the VPP said.

The party urged the CEO to take necessary steps to ensure that free and fair election should not be disturbed and that the electorate should be able to cast their
votes without any fear and that proxy voting should never be allowed.

Complaint against Pyniaid Sing Syiem

Another complaint was lodged against NPP leader Pnyniaid Syiem for the unfounded allegations made by him that the Voice of the People Party had caused law and order situation during the NPP meetings.

“These allegations were made by him on the 6th and 8th of April 2024 while campaigning for his party at Rynjah, East Khasi Hills District and Umsning, Ribhoi District”, he said.

The party also lodged complaint against the high handedness and physical abuse made by the people present in the NPP meeting against the ordinary citizens for mere sloganeering on the symbol of the VPP.

Party clarifies on clash 

The VPP said the allegation made by NPP leader Pyniaid Sing Syiem that the party  created disturbances during the NPP meeting is baseless and unfounded.

“The VPP demands that he should produce material evidence to prove that those who shouted “Ha U Prah” slogans were the members of the party or sponsored by us or even our sympathisers. It is unfortunate that mere sloganeering done by one or two unorganised individuals would lead to physical attack and abuse”, said Batskhem Myrboh
spokesperson of VPP on Tuesday.

The VPP leader saud the attacker should be booked as per relevant provision of law. The reaction by the NPP leaders only exposes their level of frustration and their lack of maturity to handle even petty matters, he said.

“What is even more dangerous was the command that was made to the police officers to make an arrest, without following the due process of law, of a simple ordinary citizen for mere sloganeering. This amply shows how abusive the NPP leaders are and it is no wonder that people are venting out their frustration at them”, he said.

However, the party urged its sympathizers of to avoid making unnecessary sloganeering against the leaders they dislike and also to maintain propriety in the society.

“The best revenge is the revenge in the ballot.
Further, we also would like to impress upon our sympathizers to be cautious against any planted attempt made by the MDA allies to defame the party for their purpose of gaining sympathy votes”, the spokesperson said.

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