State examines proposal to raise new battalions

Shillong, June 15: The state government is reviewing the proposal to raise new battalions for strengthening the police organisation.

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, after chairing a meeting on Tuesday, told reporters that the state director general of police and other officials have flagged the need for new battalions.


“We are now examining those aspects and see what the financial implications are, the support that the Government of India will give, the different rules and really balance out into this decision making of investing in the existing system and augmenting the existing system… and try to see how best we can use the limited resources that are there in order to get the maximum benefit…,” Sangma said.

The chief minister said the government is committed to strengthening the police system, increase manpower and better infrastructure. He added that the Centre would support raising the seventh and eighth battalions. However, after a year, the state has to bear the financial impact.

“…so with the initial investment that is not that big compared to the overall impact in the next 15-30 years to come, so we have to examine all those aspects,” Sangma said.

“Suppose we are to spend Rs 100 crore, should it go into improving the existing outposts, existing battalions which many of them require a lot of infrastructure, many of the police stations do not have the required manpower, we need money for the cyber crime wing, we need money for the women police and strengthening that in all the districts…should we expand the battalions and let the existing system remain as where it is – these are the kinds of decisions that government has to go through and think carefully before we commit to it,” he added.

Referring to the financial constraints of the state, Sangma said had there been unlimited resources, “the government would definitely like to go for the seventh and eighth police battalions as well as having women police everywhere, cyber crimes, traffic stations everywhere, and improve outposts”.

“But obviously we all work with certain constraints and that is where the right decision and choices have to be made,” he asserted.

The Chief Minister informed that a very good report was given on the need to improve the infrastructure of existing outposts, police stations and battalions, to train the manpower and improve the current system without expanding it.

“We have gone through it and we are going to do another round of consultation with the SPs and within a week or ten days, will take a final decision on this first part of improving the existing outposts, police stations, battalions and the manpower…,” he said.

A detailed presentation was also given on the need to create new posts and the government is assessing the financial implications.

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