Three weapons recovered from Wahumkhrah

Two women among suspended cops

Shillong, Aug 23: The three weapons taken away by some youths on August 15, were recovered from Wahumkhrah on Monday.

The youths had also taken away a police vehicleย  from Umshing-Mawkynroh police outpost and brandished the INSAS rifles before torching the vehicle at Jaiaw.


According to a police source , the weapons were not immediately dumped in the river and the act was the result of pressure from the police and appeal from various quarters .

Three police personnel were suspendedย  following the incident as they did not take care of the weapons.

Two among them are women police constables, the police official said.

According to the official, the case will go on as besides snatching away the weapons , it also involves the police vehicle which the youths torched at Jaiaw.

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