TUR wants multi-member Lokayukta

Shillong,Jan 22: The Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR) wanted  Lokayukta to a multi- member body drawing persons from judiciary, civil society and others.

“We demand that the Lokayukta should be multi member drawing persons from judiciary , civil society and others and that a robust and independent Directorate of Investigation and directorate Prosecution be set up as per law and all illegal appointments done till date  be terminated,” TUR leader Angela Rangad said in a statement on Monday.


She said the appointment of retired personnel for the directorate of investigation and directorate of prosecution in the office of the Lokayukta has not been as per law.

First and foremost the Meghalaya Lokayukta Act 2014 clearly states in sec 10 (2)  that a Directorate of Investigation and Directorate of Prosecution are  two separate entities that are to be set up within the Lokayukta.

Rangad said the Lokayukta is to appoint the directors from a panel of names of serving government officials forwarded by the state

“The law also states that till such time when the Directorates are set up and staffed, Intermediate arrangements can be made. But How is it that there were 3 year and 5 year contracts made when there are no rules to this effect and how did the Lokayukta make these appointments. Were these political appointments?” she asked.

“Independence of the Lokayukta will be ensured by the Lokayukta acting transparently and independently and asserting his / her power as mandated by the law. These clauses were fought for over years and yet the Lokayukta was weakened by reducing it to a single member institution and also not looking beyond retired bureaucrats and officers,” she added.

According to her, a single member commission is a dangerous idea as there are no checks and balances.

She said a similar weakening has happened with the State information Commission. Rangad said.

“A single person, in this instant case a retired police officer Mr. Rymmai, cannot be holding both the post of Director of Investigation and Director of Prosecution. Such a legal blunder will be a cause of procedural lapses that will go against any ensuing case that the Lokayukta is presenting to the courts,” she said

Unfortunately the government is continuing with the legal blunder by appointing only one person as a Director of investigation and Prosecution yet again, she added.

“ Voices should be raised to safeguard the independence of institutions such as the Lokayukta but this cannot be done by wilful misreading of the law and intellectual dishonesty that merely riles up emotions without putting out the real truth in the public domain”, she said.

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