Two city advocates get letter with bullets

Shillong,Apr 10: Two advocates of High Court of Meghalaya Bar Association got letters with bullets threatening that they should not represent certain clients.

The full text of the press release below 


The High Court of Meghalaya Bar Association

“In its special meeting held on this the 10th day of April, 2024 in the premises of this Association, at 3:00 PM, the Executive Committee of the Association viewed with great concern the unprecedented act of issuance of a grave threat to two leading Advocates of the city, by some miscreants threatening them with dire consequences if  they continue to represent certain clients and participate in suits involving those clients, and even enhancing the threat by enclosing two bullets with the letter.

The members participating were of the unanimous view that the said act of unwarranted intervention with the professional commitments of the said Advocates is not only a gross infringement of their Constitutional and other valuable rights but also a cruel assault on the very foundations of civilized existence.

It was therefore unanimously resolved that the said act of threatening the said two advocates is unequivocally condemned on behalf of this Association with an unqualified assurance to all Advocates that this Association shall always be by their side in such trying circumstances.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from the President


(S. Chakrawarty, Sr. Advocate) President

(N.G.Shylla, Advocate) Secretary General Secretary)

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