TUR condemns attack on labourers

BJP wants action against culprits

Shillong, Apr 10: TUR has condemned the incident of violence that took place at Mawlai Mawroh which resulted in the death of one labourer and injury to another.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, TUR leader Angela Rangad said that the incident follows the gruesome attack at Ichamati and also incidents of blatant threats to labourers at Sohra.


“Targeted violence such as these are a shame to our society as a whole and all right thinking citizens of Meghalaya need to condemn them and call for swift arrests of the perpetrators. We also need to call out our representatives and pressure group leaders who use such incidents to fuel narratives of hate by questioning the processes of law that book the criminals”, Angela said.

“We need to be mindful that remaining indifferent to such instances of targeted violence will allow for a culture of impunity and violence to set in and a take over by criminally minded groups and this will be detrimental to us all. How minorities are treated in society is the marker of the nature of that society itself”, she said.

“If we as a community do not condemn and isolate our own local majoritarian violence and communal ideas then we have no moral right to be anxious about majoritarian violence and discourse in India at large. Silence about criminality and mafiosi behaviour in our own backyard is not an option”, she added.

Violence creates fear psychosis 

State BJP president, Rikman G Momin, while condemning the incident said, “This cowardly, inhuman act must be condemned by all right thinking sections of society. Such despicable acts bring our beautiful state to total disrepute and create fear psychosis amongst all citizens of Meghalaya, no matter which community they belong to. There has been a spurt in such abominable crimes recently, shocking reports have emerged from various parts of the state, and this can no longer be tolerated by the peace loving people of Meghalaya. I urge the state Government to take immediate action and demand exemplary punishment be handed out to the perpetrators.”

Rikman has also cut short his Garo Hills tour and is rushing back to Shillong, so that he can personally convey his condolences to the bereaved family and express his solidarity with those injured in the incident.

Sanbor to meet Amit Shah 

South Shillong MLA Sanbor Shullai said he would soon meet the Union Home Minister Amit Shah for his intervention into the frequent killing of innocent lives in the state.

Condemning the killing of innocent labourers at Mawlai Mawroh and Ichamati, Shullai said he will appeal to the union home minister to depute more central forces so as to ensure that peace and tranquility prevail in the entire region.

Photo caption: One of the injured persons at NEIGRIHMS on April 10

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