Two more die due to illegal coal mining, petitioner tells HC

Shillong, June 25: Champer Sangma, the petitioner of a pending PIL informed the High Court of Meghalaya on Monday that two coal workers from Assam died in a coal mine in
South Garo Hills district and there was no media report regarding the matter.

The petitioner submitted that illegal mining and the illegal transportation of illegally-mined coal continues merrily in Meghalaya and even the death of two coal workers from Assam in the South Garo Hills district has gone unnoticed and has not been reported in the newspapers in the state.


Counsel for the petitioner submitted that he has confirmation in such regard from a Superintendent of Police in one of the neighbouring districts of Assam.

However, Counsel submits that the relevant Superintendent has since become wiser and has not answered any further phone calls.The petitioner claims to have video footage of the illegal mining activities and the transportation of the illegally-mined coal.

“The petitioner should ensure that such video footage can be viewed in court when the matter appears next. A senior government official should be present to immediately respond to whatever is revealed from the relevant video footage”, the court said.

It was pointed out on behalf of the Union government that one of the kingpins has been identified in the petitioner’s affidavit. The state will do well to take note of such fact and take appropriate steps in accordance with law.

The state sought some time despite having received the petitioner’s affidavit on June 19.

On behalf of the respondent, it was submitted that a copy of the petitioner’s latest affidavit should be forwarded.

The matter will appear again on July 4.

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