Ukraine refusing to join NATO best solution, says Putin

Biden govt discussing Russia sanctions package

Moscow/Washington, Feb 22 (UNI/Sputnik): Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday the best solution to the current crisis would be Ukraine refusing to join NATO and adhering to neutrality. The statement comes even as the US is preparing to implement the sanctions package on the country.

“The best solution to this issue would be for our colleagues in Western countries not to lose face, so that the current Kiev authorities themselves refuse to join NATO, in fact, adhere to neutrality,” Putin told reporters.

In addition, Putin said Ukraine getting tactical nuclear weapons would be a “strategic threat” for Russia.

The Biden administration is in talks with Asian nations to join Western efforts to implement a sanctions package on Russia in response to their actions regarding Ukraine, Foreign Policy reports on Tuesday, citing three US sources.

Singapore, Japan and Taiwan have so far supported export control measures on Russia, the sources reportedly said.

The countries are major producers of important technological exports, including semiconductors and computer chips, the report added.

The US, its partners and allies have been developing a sanctions package against Russia to implement in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, prompted by the alleged build-up of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border.

The situation evolved on Monday when Russian President Vladimir Putin recognised the breakaway Donetsk and Luhansk regions, eliciting condemnation from Western leaders and the start of still more sanctions, including Germany halting certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

Russia denies accusations that it intends to invade Ukraine and points to its own concerns about NATO activity in Eastern Europe. Putin said on Tuesday that the best solution to the current situation would be for Ukraine to abandon NATO membership plans and adhere to neutrality.

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