Invitees, journalists subjected to unprecedented frisking

TMC office turns into security bastion

Shillong, June 29: The AITC new office was turned into a security bastion on Wednesday and it was the same situation at the state central library where the party general secretary Abhishek Banerjee was to address party workers.

Besides the invitees, the journalists were also frisked.


Though the official inauguration of the party office was at 11.30 am at Lachumiere and the address of the party workers at 12.30 pm, the schedule was not followed and there was a long wait.

The media persons were put in a small enclosure with the SPG personnel hovering over the place.

“Is the Prime Minister coming to this place, someone was asking seeing the heavy security deployment.

“We have not seen any security issue during the visit of VIPs in the past or party leaders but what is so special about it here”, some others commented.

If this is the situation, what would be the condition if the AITC comes to power in the state, was the opinion of another.

With too many restrictions, the media persons came out of the venue at Lachumiere only to be pleaded by the state party functionaries to cover the function and they expressed regret for the inconvenience.

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