Where is CM, is he in country or abroad?

With grim Covid situation, Mukul asks Conrad’s whereabouts       

Shillong, Aug 3: The opposition Congress wanted to know the whereabouts of Chief Minister Conrad Sangma with the rise in Covid cases and deaths.

Sources said the chief minister is out of station and last week, he had visited Delhi and currently he is camping in Bengaluru.


Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Mukul criticised the government for its failure in handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are deeply concerned about the failure of the government in responding to the challenges of dealing with the pandemic. They had given up and left it to the people. It is completely unbecoming of a government,” Mukul told reporters after the CLP meeting.

As the virus has spread to the rural areas of the state, Mukul said there is complete abandonment of the protocols.

Mukul, while expressing concern over vaccine resistance among the citizens of the state, said that there is a confusion as advisory is required to be given to people who have been taking the vaccines but this is not done and hence unnecessary complications are coming up  creating a negative narrative against the vaccine therefore the resistance.

Special ambulances

Sangma alleged that many precious lives have been lost due to the non-availability of advanced life support (ALS) ambulances.

The opposition leader accused the chief minister of lying to the people of the state that the ALS ambulances will be made available within a period of two weeks during the meeting chaired by the Speaker.

“Less said the better but I must ask the government to pull up its socks and live up to the expected lines, respond to a given situation and do justice to the chair that they are holding,” he added.

Actual cases five times more 

As the Covid cases have not declined in the state, Mukul alleged that the actual cases are five times higher than the official figures available with the government.

“If they are showing 500 now you multiply by 5 it will be 2,500. It is much much higher than the official figure because they are not following this contact tracing anymore,” he said.

He said the people are not getting medical care because facilities are not created for all medical institutions for 100 bed civil hospitals, how to aggregate the resources, the manpower and how to redeploy the manpower– nothing is done,” he said.

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