Prestone not against creation of small states

Shillong, Nov 15: Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong has said he is not against the demands for creation of separate Khasi Jaintia state and separate Garoland.

“No, I am not against it”,  Tynsong told reporters on Tuesday when asked about the demand for creation of small states.


According to Tynsong, it is not easy to get a new state.

“It is not that simple otherwise if we get nothing like it.”

“Small is beautiful,” he said quoting former chief minister (L) BB Lyngdoh.

Tynsong said the demands have been spearheaded by (L) Hopingstone Lyngdoh and (L) Clifford Marak.

He pointed out Hopingstone led the movement for demanding separate Khasi Jaintia state till he died and Clifford also formed the Garo National Council (GNC) to further push the demand for creation of a Garoland state.

Dwarksuid bridge

Tynsong said traffic movement over the old Dwarksuid bridge will be allowed after three days.

“Work is going on to repair the bridge and after 3 days they will allow traffic movement, of course restriction will be imposed on the weight of the commercial vehicles plying over the bridge”, he said.

Bypass roads

“Since the Western bypass is in the process, now we are planning to construct the Shillong-Eastern bypass which will come out in Mawdiangdiang areas and will connect with the Shillong bypass – we are still in the initial stage of planning,” he said.

On Western bypass, Tynsong said the process is slow because the government is guided by the land acquisition act.

“Right now the DC has already notified a few sections. So DC is taking care of this. The NHIDCL also has already deposited a few amounts but now the assessment is still going on. So I’m sure that very soon they will be able to complete the land acquisition process,” he said.

Regarding the dilapidated condition of the roads in Shillong city, the deputy chief minister however, said, “We have received sanction and we wanted to make sure that the road in Shillong is tip top so within a few weeks from now we will start repairing the roads.”

Shillong-Dawki road

The state government has directed the East Khasi Hills deputy commissioner to resolve the issue related to the land owners not willing to part with their land for construction of the Shillong-Dawki road project before the end of this month.

Tynsong said there are altogether 40-50 landowners, who are still not willing to part with their land for construction of the Shillong-Dawki road.

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