ACHIK holds awareness event for winter capital

Shillong, April 23: ACHIK has organised awareness campaign on Winter Capital/Second Capital with Six A’khing Nokmas in Wangala Building Asanang..

Speaking on the occasion, the general secretary Advocate Bernita R Marak gave a clarification on the Job Reservation Policy, 1972 and the emergence of Roster System which was a verdict of the High Court.


Advocate Marak informed the participants about the history of the verdict of Roster System in Job Reservation Policy in Meghalaya.

She also clarified on the matters of cut off date on Roster System and why A’chik community needed to stand together on the issue.

The issue of Winter Capital was also brought up by the Education Secretary Macklowrence M Sangma who informed and clarified that the demand for the Second Capital in Tura is not a new one but had existed even before the creation of Meghalaya.

He informed that Second Capital in Tura was in agreement with all the stakeholders during the creation of the state of Meghalaya.

BJP proposes winter capitalĀ 

BJP state vice president and Tura MDC Bernard N Marak said his party has proposed construction of a new Secretariat in Tura to have winter sessions.

In a statement, Marak said that people look forward to have winter capital in Tura. Winter capital will become a reality after a secretariat and all other office headquarters are constructed in Tura.

He said before election, BJP had understood the aspiration of the people and the importance to have a secretariat in Tura.

According to him, BJP has seen winter capital in Tura from a practical perspective as in order to have it truely materialised in Garo Hills, the priority requirement was to have the proper infrastructure in place.

“Therefore, BJP proposed construction of a new Secretariat in Tura to have winter sessions. New secretariat has been acknowledged by the Centre, however the proposal should be forwarded by the state government,” Marak said.

“To make winter capital a reality Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and his cabinet has a major role to play by declaring and approving Tura as a winter capital which I believe he would initiate in his cabinet very soon,” he added.

Further, Marak said BJP in its manifesto proposed secretariat to be constructed in Tura knowing it was necessary to balance the administration and governance equally for Khasi Garo and Jaintia people.

BJP acknowledged the assurance made to the people of Garo Hills during statehood movement.

Demanding that the state government should now take the initiative to declare Tura as second capital, he said, “People’s aspiration has always been a priority to BJP while framing the manifesto and planning for the growth and development of the state.”

BJP appreciates the local groups for highlighting the winter capital demand which has been endorsed by CM Conrad Sangma and MLA Saleng Sangma, he said.

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