Activist releases photographic evidence against Marcuise

Shillong, May 9: Political activist Tennydard Marak ( in picture) alleged that Williamnagar MLA Marcuise N Marak during the election campaign should have published his Report Card 2018-22 with photographs to prove his achievements but he misled and fooled the innocent voters by just publishing the Report Card without any photographs.

In a statement, Tennydard said that winning and losing in election is a part of the game but misguiding the public is not justified and not ethical.


Tennydard released some of the pictures  related to the works of Marcuise..

1: Under Education Sector Sl. No. 5 of the REPORT CARD 2018-22: Girls School (Beautification) Cinema Hall i.e., Williamnagar Girls’ Secondary School – (a) No gate in the Williamnagar Girl Secondary School, which is a must for any school, (b) there is no concrete wall in the boundary of the school, (c) the boundary of the school is covered with rusted C.I. tin sheet. “Is it called beautification and the girls’ school in the heart of Williamnagar town adjacent to the Civil Hospital, Williamnagar and hardly 500-600 meters from the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Williamnagar, is contrary to the Report Card”.

No concrete wall of Williamnagar Girls’ School

2. Under Education Sector Sl. No. 7 of the REPORT CARD 2018-22: New School Building: Examples of two schools Jakopgre and Rapdikgre. There is no new school building constructed as claimed. The photographs reveal the truth.

No new school building

3. Under Tourism Sector Sl. No. (a) of the REPORT CARD 2018-22: (a) Eco Tourism ( Mandalgre, Rapdikgre, Jakopgre, Ampanggre, Bawegre, Nengmandalgre, Bolkingre & Mrik Wari (Rs 14 crore). Out of the 8 places, the photographs of 5 places,, Rapdikgre, Bawegre, Apanggre, Mandalgre and Jakopgre reveal half-completed  abandoned bungalows .

Incomplete tourism project

4: Under Road Sector Sl. No. (a) of the REPORT CARD 2018-22: PMGSY: NENGMANDALGRE ONI MANDALGRE (35 KM) ( Rs 80 crore)

Tennydard said he had visited the construction site of NENGMANDALGRE ONI MANDALGRE and was surprised to see that the work which is incomplete is of sub-standard category and after about 15 kms from the starting point, the remaining works are not up to the mark. If an enquiry is ordered immediately, the truth will come out. Moreover, the road work is done under PMGSY (Prime Minister’s Gram Sadak Yajna) and hence  he cannot take credit for the work, Tennydard added.

The PMGSY road

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