AHAM moves CS for action against illegal coal mining

Shillong,Jan 12: The Achik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM) has sought the intervention of Chief Secretary Rebecca Suchiang to take action against government officers for allegedly facilitating transportation of illegal coal in South Garo Hills.

In his complaint submitted to the chief secretary on Tuesday, AHAM chief George prince Ch Momin alleged that the officers of the department of Commissioner of Transport, Mining & Geology and Deputy Commissioner of South Garo Hills are illegally allowing M/S Jaimaa Coal Private Limited of Beltola Guwahati, Assam  and others to export/transport coal from Nongal  Jadigittim  area of South Garo Hills.


Momin also alleged that besides illegal transportation,illegal mining of coal is  rampant with the help of those who are in authority intertwined with the legislators in power indicating that corruption is legalised as all of them are getting their share from  illegal coal transportation and coal mining.

He warned that if the government fails to act, he would go to the judiciary, media and the National Green Tribunal to stop corruption.

Momin said on December 1, 2021, the Under Secretary of the Mining & Geology Department, had allowed  M/S Jai Maa Coal Private  Limited of Beltola, Guwahati, Assam to export and transport coal originating  from outside the state through Gasuapara Land custom station  to Bangladesh.

“However to our dismay, the company is not transporting  coal originating from Assam or from outside Meghalaya but they are transporting the illegal coal from the state of Meghalaya compelling a lot people to indulge in illegal and unscientific mining in the state in general and in South Garo Hills in particular.

Momin said the Deputy Commissioner of South Garo Hills on March 25, 2021 had  permitted M/S Maruti Fuel Dudnoi, Assam Coal Exporter to transport  coal  through the district and Baghmara town enroute  Gasuapara.

He alleged that the company is also transporting illegal coal being mined fresh from Dangsa Awe,Rongsa Awe Gare Gittima, Areggittim of South Garo Hills and not from outside the state.

“Since, the company has not adhered to its order and has been indulging in illegal activities banned by the NGT, the undersigned immediately demands your anticipation to cancel the order passed by the Deputy Commisioner, South Garo Hills.,” he said.

Again on December 1, 2021, the Director of Mineral Resources, Shillong had declared  Babul S Marak as a successful bidder and duly issued the challan to transport the  auctioned  coal at Rongding Awe Dangsa Awe, Rongsa Awe Gare Gittima, Areggittim of South Garo Hills.

Momin claimed that there is no coal lying in these places but the successful contractor is being allowed by the department to transport  fresh coal being illegally extracted from Rongding Awe Dangsa Awe, Rongsa Awe Gare Gittim, Areggittim of South Garo Hills.

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